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History of Tractors



The tractor is an incredibly remarkable invention that has permanently changed the course of the history of agriculture. But oftentimes, we don’t stop to think about the history of this awesome tool. This article intends to inform you a little bit about the history of the tractor. In this article, you will discover all kinds of interesting information that might surprise you. For example, did you know that the idea for the tractor came from trains?

Read on to find out!

History Lesson


The design of the plow has been around forever. Even in the olden days, books of antiquity speak of oxen pulling a plow. However, as great as animals are, their existence and strength were finite. As a result, farmers were curious in seeing if they could develop some kind of technology that could supplant the animals with infinite strength and endurance.

Enter the locomotive engine. This engine was used to power trains back and forth across the both Europe and the United States. This locomotive engine was used in the 1800s with a set of four large wheels to be able to roll across farmland and pull a  plow behind it.

Thus, the tractor was born. To put this into perspective, the timeline of design is quite remarkable. This vehicle and tool was made and put into use before the car even existed!

The tractor has since gone through a lot of design perfections and is now a staple in almost all agricultural practices around the world.