Removing Obstacles in Your Field

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In the process of doing work harvesting all of your fields, you have probably become very in tune with all of the ins and outs of how to do your work in the most efficient way possible. As a result, when you are presented with some kind of issue that prevents you from getting all of your work done in a streamlined manner, you will find the best way to take care of that problem.

One such problem that you might encounter when doing this work is having obstacles in your field. This can be any number of things that stand in your way. In this article, we will discuss some obstacles that may exist and how you may be able to eliminate them.



If you have experienced some recent heavy rain, it could be very possible that you might have some large amounts of water in your field. This can be hard do deal with because your vehicle might not be able to traverse the water. What is more, you also run the risk of potentially getting stuck in the mud. The best way to deal with this kind of problem is to have some sort of dredging device available to you. If your device has wheels and a hitch attachment, then you might have some luck pulling it with your tractor out to the area of interest. You should also make sure that you have a long host or drainage attachment that will be able to carry the water far away from the flooded area.

Finally, you should have some sort of drainage or irrigation system to redistribute the water all over your field. After you are done dredging, you might need to let the land area dry for a day or so in order to let the ground get firm. If you don’t then you run the risk of having too much mud and getting stuck in it.


Trees can also be an issue on the edges of many fields and farms. Branches that hang over the farm can be an impediment for both a tractor and for sunlight to the crops. What you will need to do is consider hiring certified arborists. These people will be able to help you with any tree issues. If the trees are too big to just trim the branches, you can also ponder the removal of dying trees or even think about calling a commercial land clear service.

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