Tractor Maintenance

wash tractor


In the past, we discussed how tractor tire size can affect your power and your fuel economy. To recap, we pointed out that many people do not even realize the importance of having the proper tire size for your tractor. In today’s post, we will discuss other aspects of tractor maintenance. Caring for your tractor regularly and properly can increase the longevity and performance of your tractor. Keep reading to find out more!



Perhaps the most obvious thing that you can do for your tractor is wash it. Many believe that this is just a cosmetic procedure that has no actual benefit other than improving the aesthetic aspects of your work vehicle. However, thorough washing can also have a lot of mechanical and performance benefits as well. What you should do is find some good soap that is good for the metal and the other parts of your tractor. Make sure to also apply wax to your tractor as well to keep the dirt off. This will help your tractor to stay clean and functioning properly until your next wash. The best interval of washing should be anywhere between three to six months to keep your tractor in tip top shape.


You should also be monitoring your fluids in your tractor. Regular upkeep of fluids in the engine of your tractor are also essential for peak performance. Every two months or so, you should pop the hood on your tractor vehicle and do a full inspection of all fluids.

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