Alternative Fuels



Perhaps one of the greatest things that we humans can do in the realm of technology is to take something that occurs naturally on earth and then turn it into something useful for us. We have been doing this for many years. For example, think of all of the different ways we can harvest energy. We can use wind turbines to generate electricity (even before this, we were using windmills to grind wheat and such). We can use water to generate electricity as well.

Things are moving fast in our modern age, and we need to be able to keep up. With all of our tractors and other motor vehicles, we need to make sure that we can supply the right energy. However, we are spending a lot of money drilling for oil and as a result are using up potentially finite resources from the earth. We need something that can keep us going and also renew itself. This is where the notion of alternative fuels comes in. We can use these alternative fuels to power our lives. Read on to find out!



Sometimes, the answer is right under your nose. This could definitely be the case with alternative fuels. Our agricultural industry is strong, and we have plenty of corn to go round. What is great is that the corn harvested can be converted into alternative fuels like ethanol. This fuel, also known as E 85, is a great way for us to take something that is natural and renewable and turn it into something very useful for us.

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